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When the likes of CERN, NASA and the MeerKAT Square Kilometre Array project make the time to talk to the Ceph community about how they rely on the leading open-source software-defined storage platform to enable their groundbreaking research, you know it’s going to be a worthwhile day with a lot to learn! 

We’re proud to sponsor yet another Ceph Day, this time on the hallowed grounds of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. 

We regard Ceph Days as an integral part of the community development that’s so important in open-source projects. Being able to connect with customers to better understand the complex needs of end-users is invaluable, and the opportunity to discuss the challenges and potential with contributors goes a long way in strengthening the power, and reach, of Ceph.

Next up, we’re at Ceph Day UK where we’re shouting lunch. Register here and make sure you pay us a visit to learn more about HyperDrive, our dedicated Ceph appliance for software-defined storage.