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What does risk look like to you? Is it about money? Job security? Intellectual property? Or, your reputation? It means different things to different people and organizations, and often, the thought of too much risk can drive you to a standstill.

We get it, a new storage solution for anybody can be a risk – a big one – for so many reasons. It can be debilitating for organizations too nervous about taking the next step – and that’s a big problem.

So, the question we like to ask is, “What is the real cost? The opportunity cost, of doing nothing?”

Just stop and think about that for a moment.

Now – imagine there was no risk. Imagine that debilitating up-front costs no longer existed, or that interoperability with your current data center was a non-issue. Imagine flexibility, scalability, and high-performance, with 24/7 support out of the US of A, all with a zero commitment, pay-as-you-go arrangement. And by zero commitment we mean no contract-lock-in. Yes, you read that right. Now imagine all this, available for a trial run, in your own data center.

We’re talking about zero risk, and we’re serious about it. No wonder CIO Review put us in the 10 Most Promising Storage Providers of 2018 – they know we’re here to shake things up.

Tim Massey, our CEO, explains it all here: 10 Most Promising Storage Providers of 2018