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Open source, software-defined storage (SDS) is making data storage democratisation a reality. And to understand where data storage is headed next, you need to understand Ceph.

There’s a reason why the Swiss Army knife has remained popular for well over a century; it covers a wide variety of tool-based tasks, from preparing food to removing a splinter.

Ceph, in comparison, might not peel your oranges, but when it comes to SDS, it covers an enormous range of use cases. And as open source software, that means incredibly scalable, reliable storage is available to all. To understand what all this means for the future of data storage, you need to understand where Ceph came from. That’s where Democratising Data Storage comes in, offering key insights into how data democratisation is built on accessibility, flexibility, reliability and scalability.

From Ceph’s origins, to the future

Democratising Data Storage will take you back to when Sage Weil, Ceph’s founder and chief architect, had the vision to fill a gap in the data storage landscape. Follow the steps that lead to the creation of an accessible, fault-tolerant and open source storage solution – Ceph. From there, learn how The Ceph Foundation was created to further strengthen this vision, by leveraging the contributions of a variety of data storage change makers (including SoftIron) that aided in Ceph’s development.

A solution for everyone

This report is also a must-read for decision-makers for enterprises of any size that are seeking to remain resilient in the digital age. You’ll be able to view testimonials from current Ceph users who have seen tremendous improvements since adopting this open source SDS. A solution that truly grows with you, Ceph’s flexible nature means that not only do you avoid software licensing realted lock-in, but you can continue to adapt your storage system to meet your needs, even if your needs significantly change over time.

Curious to try it yourself? HyperDrive makes it easy to get started with Ceph.

We built HyperDrive with a specific purpose – to optimise the performance of Ceph, and simplify its day-to-day use. HyperDrive also remains true to Ceph’s inherent flexibility, with as-you-go payment plans available that avoid the burden of vendor lock-in.

Prepare for the next evolution of data storage

Get a clear insight into where Ceph has come from and where it’s going, and what it means for the democratisation of data storage. Download the free report today!