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Questions you should be asking yourself if you’ve got an on-premise enterprise storage solution:

How confident am I that our enterprise hardware is free from spyware?
Where are my storage servers made?
Is my data at risk?
Have I been hacked?
How would I know even if I had been…?

Wouldn’t you sleep better if you knew the answers to all of the above? We’ve all watched “The Big Hack” unfold and does anyone actually feel any better about it?

Actually, we do, and we’re pretty confident our customers do too. That’s because, at SoftIron, we believe that purpose-designed hardware is mandatory, and we’ve put our money where our mouth is by designing and building HyperDrive, our very own software-defined storage dedicated hardware, from scratch.

And, our radically different ethos goes way beyond how we design HyperDrive, to how we manufacture it. Did you know that we’re one of the only manufacturers – perhaps the only one – who completes 100% of the assembly in a dedicated facility in California. That’s right — California, right here in the US of A.

This means the build of your precious, custom-designed hardware is overseen by a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who literally sign out your order with their name on it. Heck, you can even come and see it for yourself if you’re into that kind of thing. This kind of upfront transparency and accessibility is just about unheard of nowadays.  

See what Jason Van der Schyff, our VP of Operations has to say about it all here and feel to drop us a line if you ever have any questions about the origins of your hardware.