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IBC Show is the world’s most influential media, entertainment & technology show, bringing together over 55,000 professionals from over 150 countries spanning the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment.

This year, we were proud to be present with our biggest booth space yet, introducing the crowds to HyperCast, our game-changing transcoding server.

HyperCast delivers the most power & cost-efficient solution for superior Live and File-based video processing, and it was on display in all its glory, demonstrating concurrent 8x4K HEVC transcoding in real-time.

As the demand for live video consumption continues to skyrocket and unforgiving audiences expect exceptionally high, uninterrupted quality at all times, broadcasters have unrelenting expectations to meet.

HyperCast is our custom-designed, fully integrated video transcoding server that is capable of delivering 32 concurrent streams of 4K live video transcoding in a single 1U format.

“One of the reasons HyperCast is so powerful is because we use a dedicated ASIC to focus solely on the 4k transcode”. Says Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron. “We don’t rely on the base system’s compute resource at all, which means it’s far more efficient from a compute perspective and uses a very low number of watts per 4k stream. This delivers efficiencies and costs savings on both fronts, without sacrificing quality. Plus, when you couple this with our HyperDrive Ceph platform, you’re looking at an unparalleled transcoding and storage solution for your data center. It really is a no-brainer if you’re an OTT broadcaster.

HyperCast offers configurable CPU, transcode acceleration, and storage to optimize cost, power, and performance. With full ABR capabilities, HyperCast is an ideal solution for Internet, Telco, Cable and Satellite video service providers.

Huge congrats to the team for another even well done! If you’re after more information on HyperCast, drop us a line here.