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Honestly – when last was ‘cheap’ and ‘generic’ in the same sentence a good thing? And unless you’re MacGyver (yes, we’ve been around that long), then repurposing objects for uses other than their original intention is not a good idea.

Same goes for your storage. In what scenario is a storage solution that’s shoehorned into cheap, commodity hardware that’s designed for compute, going to give you an efficient, high-performing and reliable storage solution?

It’s not. And if anyone tells you otherwise, they need their mouth washed out.

That’s why we started from scratch. We custom designed a Ceph appliance from the ground up, with one thing in mind, and one thing only: storage. The result? The finest, high-performance storage drive on the market – and it doesn’t cost the earth. You can price it up yourself here if you don’t believe us. We call it HyperDrive.

Read more about the fakery and fallacy that’s rife in the storage industry today as we combat the most common myths about SDS in our 3-Part series “The Misconceptions of SDS” – starting with Part 1: Economics.

You’ll thank us later when you get to pull this out the bag at the water cooler.

If you hear of any other mumbo-jumbo that you think needs unpacking, drop us a line and we’ll gladly look into it.