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SoftIron releases HyperDrive® Density+, combining HDD and SSD into one high-performance, internally tiered storage node.


Hands up if you’ve ever had a data center scenario where you need both high-performance storage, but you’re also trying to keep a lid on your budget, so you also need a good chunk of HDD for your less accessed, but just as important data…

That’s a lot of hands.

We’ve come across this scenario more times than we can count because it happens every day. Everyone is trying to balance performance and cost in their data center.

So, in true SoftIron style we set out to fix the space between the rock and a hard place and we built a brand new, Ceph-optimized storage appliance that we call HyperDrive® Density+. It’s the beautiful marriage of performance and cost-efficiency with combined HDD and SSD into one high-performance, internally tiered storage node.

If you don’t already know, our HyperDrive platform is a portfolio of dedicated Ceph appliances and management software, purpose-built for software-defined storage (SDS). HyperDrive Density+ harnesses our unique, embedded multi-processor technology to compactly combines performance and internal flash tiering into a single, 1U Ceph appliance. The result is the ideal solution for those looking to balance performance and price point in their data centers.

SDS is a popular enterprise storage solution due to its’ flexibility and ability to scale as an organization grows, and Ceph is the leading open-source software for SDS. In the past, users looking to solve the conflicting needs for high-performance and cost-efficiencies would have been limited to complicated Ceph cluster arrangements. Now, HyperDrive Density+ effortlessly solves the problem by providing the performance of an all-flash SSD tier with the added benefit of an efficient HDD tier.

Tim Massey, our CEO sums it up nicely “By combining HDD and SSD into one high-performance, internally tiered storage node, cost efficiency objectives can be met without having to sacrifice performance. This reduces the total cost of ownership by saving time and money over the lifetime of the estate, as well as the upfront cost of the appliance. HyperDrive Density+ Storage provides the performance of all-flash with the benefit of only paying for HDD level storage.”

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. Build and price your own HyperDrive cluster here.