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63% of IT professionals state that the lack of visibility into spending specifics for public cloud hinders IT planning.

That’s this week’s storage insight from the Enterprise Strategy Group based on their September 2021 data infrastructure survey. Scott Sinclair, ESG’s Senior Analyst, discusses this finding in more detail here.

Transparency in the public cloud is even worse than transparency in cloud infrastructure hardware manufacturing. Businesses are asked to put their trust in their public cloud providers, and to not ask questions like:

  • How secure is the hardware and software used in your environment?
  • Where is my data physically stored and processed?
  • Do any nations have the ability to use their legal jurisdiction to access my private data on the cloud?

And while the ‘how much does it cost?’ question might seem to be addressed by tables detailing the storage capacity, features, and bandwidth available for a variety of public cloud services, the total cost of operations (TCO) can be an entirely different beast altogether. Especially when dealing with the massive amounts of data involved with backup, recovery and archival.

These reasons are why many organisations are reconsidering their use of the public cloud, looking towards hybrid, private or sovereign cloud solutions.

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Download our report - By the numbers: TCO evaluation for public cloud vs. SoftIron HyperDrive for enterprise backup, recovery and archive


This report includes:

  • a comparison of the costs of public cloud vs SoftIron HyperDrive solutions,
  • a qualitative assessment of the differences between models,
  • how to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) impact based on applying the same outcome targets to both scenarios, and
  • additional considerations for tailoring the TCO study to your organisation’s characteristics, to offer further opportunities for optimising costs.

    Or if you don’t have time to do the reading – just use our free online calculator to work out your TCO for you.

    We’ve done the fiddly bits so that you can just plug in your details and go.

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