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Got a problem? Just call your vendor, or two, for support.

Did you ever play “piggy in the middle” as a kid? Being ‘piggy’ is the worst. Especially when your opponents are big, tall, older brothers who are meant to have your back. You see where we’re going with this, don’t you…?

Fast forward a few years and you’re trying to solve a problem in your data center with a software-defined storage solution. Your hardware’s from big brother #1, and your software is from big brother #2. And the “problem-ball” is being thrown back and forth between the two leaving you to do the runaround.

Analogies aside, this is a real-world scenario that plays out every, single, day. Finger-pointing and buck-passing for days or weeks on end and at a time that you need help most.

Not with SoftIron, because we take ownership of the entire stack. The hardware, HyperDrive, and the software, Ceph. And because we’ve built both, we can very effectively support both, helping you diagnose, troubleshoot and solve your issue without handing you off to another vendor.

Just think of the time and anguish that you’ll be spared, not to mention you’ll look like a boss when you can report back that the problem is solved in record time.

This is just one of many ways we do things differently at SoftIron. Read more about how we’re turning enterprise storage on its head as we combat the most common myths about SDS in our 3-Part series “The Misconceptions of SDS” – starting with Part 1: Economics.

Got a question about anything SDS-related? Feel free to drop us a line and we’ll gladly look into it.