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Download our OTT online video storage solution brief

The pathway to efficient, highly scalable OTT storage, outlined in our new solution brief

Download the brief now, or read on for more context on why the future of OTT storage is software-defined.

From YouTube to Netflix and everything in between, the future of online video is OTT

If you removed streaming sources from your daily video watching, just how much would remain? Odds are: not a lot. Over the last five years, and especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, adoption of over-the-top (OTT) media has grown exponentially. This is only expected to continue in the coming years, and OTT developers must prioritize optimizing the user experience for seamless consumption in an increasingly competitive market. Equally, media companies working with large volumes of online video content must ensure they can meet this increasing demand through efficient, resilient data storage.

Raise the bar and scale effortlessly with HyperDrive

Larger content repositories allow for catering to a broader audience, with plenty of room for growth, and not all storage solutions can deliver flexible, efficient scale. File-based solutions were once the norm, but they’re not so viable in today’s fast-paced environment, and create complexities that adversely impact operations. File-based storage is generally more suited to storing smaller volumes of structured data, lacking the agility needed for modern OTT services. This is where software-defined object storage comes in.

Software-defined object storage brings the flexibility and scalability required by modern OTT – and SoftIron HyperDrive delivers both with reliable, efficient performance.

Object-based storage’s true flexibility can only be achieved through software-defined storage (SDS). By separating the functions software performs from the hardware running it, an SDS approach allows for use-driven customization, scalability and optimization beyond a traditional solution. And Hyperdrive brings task-specific performance to the flexibility of SDS, along with superior density and power-efficiency.

With HyperDrive storage, you can really fit everything in.

Download our OTT online video storage solution brief

Explore the benefits of using HyperDrive for your OTT infrastructure in our new solution brief

Discover the many benefits of adopting software-defined object storage with HyperDrive, and how it will securely and reliably deliver video content with minimal downtime. Download the solution brief.