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Remember the days when Cisco introduced the notion of collapsed backbone routing?


At a stroke, they ‘switched-up’ (pun intended) the networking market, stole a march on folks like Nortel who were also a player then – along with 3Com and others – and the rest is IT history. They truly did help empower the internet generation over the last 3 decades.

So who were the ultimate channel winners with Cisco technology? Quite simply, the business visionaries who believed in Cisco’s audacious plan and fully bought in early by introducing the new approach to their installed customer base, where they were the trusted advisor.


Roll the clock forwards to now. It’s a new day. A new era.

Enter SoftIron: equally audacious, somewhat contrarian, bringing fresh eyes and a truly innovative approach to the scalable edge datacenter. And, capable of delivering the much-vaunted, hyper-composed, integrated stack that enables the hybrid cloud play we’ve all been talking up and aspiring to for the past 10 years.


The great difference to Cisco’s technical approach of yesteryear is that there’s no vendor lock-in as we’re an open source player.

So the big question for the channel today is: do you want to ride the next big wave in IT, make money and be the hero for your customers? Do you want to partner with a vendor that’s capable of switching things up and truly transforming the edge datacenter?

If that intrigues and inspires you, let’s talk. We’re building out our elite partnerships starting now. This will be a ride you don’t want to miss.

Throw your hat in the ring by contacting us here.