15 May 2019 The White House decreed a National Emergency on Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain.

The very foundation of data security is hardware provenance, yet many well known IT brands use components and code from unverifiable sources. If your idea of a security check is looking at the logo on the box, you may need to dig a little deeper.

SoftIron not only controls the entire design and build process, but manufactures and assembles all products in-house, from the ground up, including electronics subassemblies.

Auditable provenance on data center appliances is the foundation stone of security. SoftIron is the only manufacturer to offer it.

  • Our supply chains are completely transparent.
  • Any software we don’t author we vet from source code.
  • Hardware and software available for audit upon request.

Reduce your risk exposure, learn more in our ‘Secure Foundations’ white-paper, in partnership with Intellyx.