A global issue

Commoditization of IT hardware has created a vast, international supply chain so complex it is difficult to track the path of individual components, circuitry and even firmware. Antagonists use this security gap to corrupt IT appliances which then go into normal supply lines, exposing major enterprise, infrastructure, government, and even our defense and intelligence agencies to serious vulnerabilities. The issue is very real and very serious.

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Officially a National Emergency

On 15 May 2019, The White House decreed a ‘National Emergency on Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain.’ Read the White House decree here.

Protecting what’s valuable

SoftIron made appliance security a company pillar from the outset. SoftIron not only controls the entire design and build process, but manufactures and assembles all products in-house, including electronics subassemblies. As such, SoftIron can demonstrate the security of every product, and open every component to detailed audit, from circuits to silicon and software. Only SoftIron provides the foundation stone of Secure Provenance.

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Freedom requires security

For our society to function freely we must ensure data security. Imagine serious breaches in: Health, Banking, Education, Defense, Research, Insurance, Media, or Government Administration.

Verify the claim

If your idea of a security check is looking at the logo on the box, you may want to look a little deeper. We invite you to remove trust from your decision-making and verify appliance security. Look to manufacturers who offer totally transparent Secure Provenance.

  • Our supply chains are completely transparent.
  • Any software we don’t author we vet from source code.
  • Hardware and software available for audit upon request.

Reduce your risk exposure, learn more in our ‘Secure Foundations’ white-paper, in partnership with Intellyx.