Image for Customer Success Story – Verne Global

When your new on-demand high performance computing service needs a unique and powerful storage platform to support it… who you gonna call?

Verne Global, leaders in High Performance Computing (HPC) had the same question. They deliver advanced data center solutions at industrial scale, allowing high performance and intensive, machine learning applications to operate in an optimized environment, and when they contemplated offering a new on-demand HPC service for their customers, they knew they needed something different: something unique, powerful, flexible, and secure.

Cue in SoftIron.

Well, more specifically, HyperDrive; our custom built Ceph appliance that was the round peg Verne Global had been looking for, delivering wire speed flexibility for bare metal, high performance computing

This success story is one we’re particularly proud of where we solve the tradeoff between performance and flexibility, address the complex configuration requirements of a leading HPC supplier, and manage to secure sensitive data in a bare metal cloud infrastructure. And all this while reducing capital expenses with pay-as-you-go pricing. #True story.

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