Join us for the DCD Techshowcase series where we introduce and demo the latest release of our game-changing HyperDrive® Storage Manager.


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EMEA: Tuesday, 16 June, 4.30pm (CEST)


Unite And Conquer with HyperDrive® Storage Manager


SoftIron’s Storage Manager (V1.0) is a powerful, unified system that radically simplifies the management of all your Ceph software and storage hardware. The unique features and benefits of HyperDrive Manager are made possible due to the fact that SoftIron has purpose-built both the hardware and software – a claim no other enterprise storage vendor can match – and the sole reason we can achieve such granular levels of control.

Ceph is the leading unified, distributed, open-source storage system designed for powerful performance, rock-solid reliability, and infinite scalability. However, until now, it has also been very challenging due to the command-line nature of its administration. This makes it complex and time-consuming to administer and maintain, expensive to resource with specialist skills, and difficult to monitor workloads and performance or visualize the health and utilization of individual appliances. It also makes it challenging to collaborate with teams or to access support.

Reduce complexity, save time, improve performance, and enable teams like never before with HyperDrive Storage Manager. Quickly and easily achieve all of the following through the sleek and intuitive user interface:

  • Set up and configure a brand new Ceph cluster in minutes with the Auto Discovery wizard, no command-line instructions required
  • Add and configure, or remove appliances in minutes, no sysadmins required
  • Add or remove pools in seconds
  • Update firmware
  • Search and filter to reveal critical information relating to individual appliances, informing you which node is being used for specific tasks or workloads.
  • Detect, locate and visualize the precise disc and location of failed nodes
  • Use the unique “lockout” feature, allowing you to secure an appliance while making changes, preventing the risk of multiple admins trying to access and alter configurations on the same piece of hardware.
  • Wipe clean your cluster with the click of the “Factory reset” button, complete with double-opt in and password-authenticated access to eliminate accidents

All of this comes with SoftIron’s standard end-to-end support and Secure Provenance guarantee.

To see what HyperDrive Storage Manager can do for your data center, book a demo here.