Industry-leading 64-bit ARM based, rack mount, enterprise server.

Ideal for datacenter managers seeking greater choice and efficiency, as well as developers looking for a platform to build 64-bit ARM applications or software.


Energy Saving
Uses less than 35W of power in standby mode


Making OverDrive 3000 around 2.5x more efficient than traditional architectures

Building the enterprise eco-system

The 64-bit ARMv8 architecture provides enterprise class performance, delivering increased choice to the data center.

The SoftIron OverDrive 3000 is ideal for data centers looking to move beyond general purpose computing and build proof of concept trials around a more diverse CPU estate utilizing specialized workloads. Building and porting applications for ARM 64-bit architecture is vital to establishing a strong eco-system. The SoftIron OverDrive 3000 platform gives developers the opportunity to expand the architecture’s potential in a production environment. The system comes pre-installed with industry leading software.

Improving energy saving efficiency

ARMv8-based platforms are designed to run both intensive and scale-out applications with lower energy consumption than standard x86 servers. Even under full load, the OverDrive 3000 consumes less than 35W of power making it around 2 1⁄2 times more efficient than systems powered by mainstream alternative CPU’s.

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