HyperCast Transcoding


32x 4K inputs
600+ outputs
Compact 1U size
Low heat output
500W max draw


32x 4K inputs
Limited outputs
4U requirement
High heat output
32,000W draw

HyperCast transcoding at a glance


Radically compact 1U rack mount

Icon to represent performance

High I/O throughput at wire speed


Data storage of up to 56TB built in

Icon to represent a video file storage

Reduces video file storage

Super compact form

The nearest competitor needs 64 x more space. This is not hyperbole, this is HyperCast. A super compact 1U high form factor. What used to fill three or four racks, now just needs a 1U vacancy. And it does not require space above and below for airflow, HyperCast is cooler by design.

Storage space built in

HyperCast has up to 56 TB of storage built in. You can specify SDD or HDD according to your intended use. If you need more join HyperCast with a HyperDrive for serious storage capacity, serving files at wire speed. There’s your new media center right there.

Incredible I/O capacity

The throughput capacity of HyperCast is stunning. 32 inputs at up to 4K resolution, live or file free. Streaming 600+ outputs on demand, using no more than a 500w draw.

Reduces video storage needs

Instead of storing a video file at every conceivable bitrate that may ever be requested, simply store a 4K file and transcode size and format on demand at wire speed.

The future of OTT broadcasting

Discover how HyperCast and HyperDrive radically improve your media center capacity.