HyperCast Transcoding

HyperCast transcoding at a glance

Transcoding performance diagram

HyperCast technical specifications

Input 32 x 4K. Output 600+ streams on demand

Live-feed or file based video, HyperCast pumps through a bandwidth that previously required a rack full of equipment from our competitors. HyperCast is the new standard for video transcoding.

Balancing power and performance

Easily configurable; compute and transcode acceleration lets you dial-up the optimal balance of storage requirements, power, and performance for your needs. Full Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) capabilities makes HyperCast ideal for Internet, Telco, Cable and Satellite video service providers.

Wire speed from external storage

When coupled with HyperDrive®, SoftIron’s dedicated Ceph SDS appliances, you can unleash the full potential of Ceph and reach true wire-speed performance for your media center. You need it, your audience expects it.

The future of OTT broadcasting

Discover how HyperCast and HyperDrive radically improve your media center capacity.