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You buy and build your cloud by selecting the right combination of HyperCloud nodes from the fleet. But they’re more than just off the shelf appliances. They’re unlike anything you’ll have come across before. Unique to HyperCloud and completely optimised to work as a single, efficient and unified experience whether you deploy one, or hundreds of racks.

Everything you need to deploy, manage and deliver your cloud service is contained within and across them. No extra software downloads, no extra software licences. If you own the nodes, you own a cloud.

With fleet level commonality in the places that matter – BMC, NICs, firmware, operating system and more, living with your cloud becomes boringly simple. No more white knuckle rides trying to roll out different firmware updates to different brands, models and types of appliance, hoping and praying your cloud doesn’t break.

One super efficient fleet, one point of control. Everything pre-integrated and a known quantity.

Radically simple.


Interconnect Nodes

Interconnect nodes provide both the physical network (a network you can monitor, but that you won’t ever need to configure and manage), and the shared intelligence across your HyperCloud.

Holding the state of all of the nodes within the fabric – regardless of what technology they are, and sharing that state automatically across the fabric for resiliency – they abstract away layer upon layer of complexity and automate everything with complete uniformity, from the most mundane to the most complex of tasks.

Within the fleet, you build your cloud from:

  • Management Interconnects – providing management oversight at 1GB
  • Node Interconnects – connecting nodes within racks at 25GB
  • Rack Interconnects – to extend the fabric to as many racks as you needed at 100GB

Compute Nodes

Sharing the same form factor and common platform design as the rest of the fleet, Compute nodes provide the processing power needed within the fabric. Stateless in design, adding more compute power to your cloud is as simple as plugging in network and power cables to another node. Uniquely, HyperCloud is not limited by processor architecture, enabling compute on Arm, x86, and in the future an array of other compute nodes we will release, all can be deployed all able to co-exist and automatically be assigned the right workloads.

Within the fleet you can build the compute you need from:

  • 8 Core (16 thread) x86 nodes with 64-512 GiB of memory
  • 16 Core (32 thread) x86 nodes with 64-1,024GiB memory

Storage Nodes

HyperCloud storage nodes are based on the award winning SoftIron HyperDrive family, and use the same stateless design common across the fleet. They deliver all the capability that HyperDrive was popular for, but using HyperCloud’s intelligent cloud fabric, we’re able to abstract even more of the complexity from building and configuring the storage cluster within your cloud.

Combine HDD, SSD and NvMe nodes in any combination you need, and deliver it as a service to your tenants without ever worrying about provisioning. Scaling capacity is as simple as racking and powering up another node – or burst to public cloud for temporary capacity when required. 

Within the fleet you can build the storage you need from:

  • Value Storage nodes with 48TB HDD capacity
  • Density Storage nodes with 48-144TB HDD capacity
  • Performance nodes with 54TB SSD capacity
  • Performance+ nodes with 26-51TB capacity