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“In today’s highly competitive infrastructure market, we believe the team at SoftIron is developing and delivering innovative solutions to solve cloud complexity across the stack. Leveraging its trusted supply chain hardware model, coupled with its comprehensive consumption-based offerings, we see a robust long-term growth trajectory for SoftIron as it focuses on meeting the rapidly shifting demands of enterprise IT.”
– Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and CEO of Futurum Research

What is HyperCloud?

HyperCloud enables your organisation to provide a hybrid cloud experience to IT consumers with a fraction of the time and a fraction of the complexity than was previously possible. Independent of any public cloud vendor, it frees you to build the hybrid and/or multi cloud strategy that meets your objectives, with the kind of reliability, availability, elasticity and serviceability previously reserved for hyperscale cloud builders.

Based on SoftIron’s innovative technology strategy, developed over 10 years, you can arrange these intelligent, self configuring, building-blocks into the right size and shape cloud for your business without introducing the complexity of multiple firmware, operating systems, or hardware components.

HyperCloud delivers a platform for deploying virtualised, bare metal, and containerised workloads across private, on-premises zones and public clouds, with support for secure multi-tenancy, full programmability, and full life cycle automation. All of this is delivered through a seamless and intuitive user experience supporting both GUI and REST-based consumption of infrastructure services.

How is it delivered?

Typically deployed in just a matter of hours, HyperCloud provides the entire hardware and software platform required to deliver a complete cloud in as little as 8U of rack space, with data durability of 9 9’s or greater and can be grown almost limitlessly as workloads demand, incrementally adding storage and/or compute resources as needed.

It eliminates the need for complex integration, configuration and troubleshooting between multiple vendors and technologies that often comes from multi-platform solutions, and makes deployment and on-going operation possible by IT generalists, not domain experts.

HyperCloud is delivered with full access to all its capabilities “out of the box”, with no additional licensing required to access any features, compute or storage capacity.

Its modular nature, and the simplicity with which new compute and storage resources can be added, means architectures don’t need to be needlessly over-provisioned reducing financial outlay and improving efficiency. Because it uses task-specific building-blocks, you can scale your cloud asymmetrically, growing your compute or storage resources independently.

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