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Cloud becomes the baseline, not the goal

In the DIY cloud world, operations teams have to design, construct, and maintain the myriad technologies required to build up to the point where you can provide a cloud-like experience to IT service consumers. That means huge investments in time, skills, and infrastructure to hide the complexity of running IT infrastructure to keep the lights on – investments that your organisation could instead be making above the consumption layer – helping application teams and users accomplish their goals faster.

In the HyperCloud world, you begin with a cloud instead of building up to it, and the control plane provides the unifying experience that enables you to act like a service provider from day one. By consolidating interaction with all of the technologies required to deliver robust virtualisation, containerised, data, networking, and application services, as well as life cycle management of the underlying infrastructure and tenancy management, you eliminate “cylinders of excellence” and the complexity of manually integrating across them. Requiring no external IP connectivity to operate, the control plane is delivered, pre integrated on the HyperCloud Nodes and is distributed across them for resilience. It contains the intelligence and control to keep all the components underneath in lockstep across an unlimited cloud footprint.

One cloud to rule them all

Application teams often use public cloud resources because they’re just more accessible, not necessarily because they’re in the company’s best interest. Until now, providing a consistent hybrid cloud experience required complex multi-cloud orchestration tools and lowest common denominator application architecture practices. With the HyperCloud control plane you can enable users to provision across both private and public cloud resources, enabling them to make the best decision based on workload and organizational outcomes instead of just expediency.

Dramatically reduce the TCO of cloud

By providing the public cloud experience within your control, you can give your application teams and IT service users the agility of cloud with greater cost predictability than public cloud tools. The HyperCloud control plane provides native secure multi-tenancy capabilities with fine grain control over service definitions, quotas, access control, and metering.