Our second favorite thing after working with Ceph, is talking about Ceph, and who better to talk to than our friends in the open source trenches. That’s why we’re thrilled to be attending mountpoint this year to talk all things SDS.

If it’s not already on your radar, here’s why it really should be:

  • + Learn about the latest trends in SDS and open source technologies
  • + Talk with leading experts to learn how to start, implement, and scale your SDS environment
  • + Network with peers and the pioneers of the SoftIron team on best practices and case studies
  • + Hear from other community members and contributors on what workloads they are using for SDS
  • + Learn how to overcome the pitfalls of SDS – trust us, we have this one covered!
  • + Gain a competitive advantage by learning about the latest trends of SDS

We’re also looking forward to demonstrating HyperDrive, our game-changing dedicated Ceph appliance that’s turning the SDS world on its’ head. Come and say hi and you could walk away with some pretty sweet SoftIron swag.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, this should: drinks are on us! We’re sponsoring Happy Hour, so join us after Day 1 of the event at Portside Pub from 6pm to chill out and meet some more of our team along with fellow attendees. Find out more about mountpoint or register to attend here.

We’re gearing up to attend a lot more events over the coming months, so to stay in the loop with what we’re up to make sure you follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

See you there!