A team redefining innovation

Our people have worked together in a number of great ventures, so we’re a seasoned team, with some of us having collaborated continuously for as many as 15 years. We’ve got serious history together and some serious achievements to show for it. We’re really excited to be doing it again at SoftIron by taking leading edge innovation and improving it. Our approach is unique because we innovate across the entire technology stack; custom-engineering both software and hardware into a high performance solution. It’s not easy to rethink core assumptions from the ground up, but over a period of years we’ve figured out how to deliver game-changing innovation in IT’s heartland: the enterprise.

Phil Straw Chief Executive Officer

Jason Van der Schyff Chief Operating Officer

Matt Gair VP, Sales

Norman Fraser Ph.D. Chairman

Rob Drury VP, Engineering

Ben Vaughan Director, European Sales