Data Protection lies at the heart of any successful backup strategy and choosing the right storage architecture that underpins it is as important as your choice of backup and replication software.

In this webinar, jointly presented by SoftIron and Veeam, you will learn:
– The key technical considerations in building a performant, resilient and future proofed – yet cost effective – backup storage architecture
– How a combination of the Veeam platform with SoftIron’s award-winning HyperDrive storage solution delivers a simple, flexible, reliable and powerful solution for embracing object storage based backups with consistent, predictable outcomes
– The ways in which superior data protection from threats such as ransomware can be achieved through techniques such as object immutability
– How the combined but different needs of the backup administrator, the storage architect and the end user can all be met – fully and cost effectively – by this compelling solution

Catch the webinar here.