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Winning complexity, performance, and control battles with SoftIron HyperCloud


Today, “the vast majority of enterprises favour a hybrid cloud approach,” according to IDC. 1 And although most organisations rely on some type of hybrid cloud in one form or another and cloud remains the “future” of computing, hybrid infrastructures are full of frustrating complexity, performance, control, and resiliency tradeoffs. The need for better approaches at the edge only adds to the difficulties. Increasingly, technology leadership is wrestling with questions about data repatriation and sovereignty while struggling to find the specialised IT skills needed to manage complex infrastructure operations. The problem is that virtually every new solution that comes to market isn’t better—it’s just complicated in a different way.

Our call to arms at SoftIron has been to finally set organisations free from some of the biggest hybrid and cloud infrastructure tradeoffs by introducing a radical new approach. This white paper explores the significant tradeoffs with current infrastructure approaches and introduces SoftIron HyperCloud, a fully turnkey, totally integrated and supported intelligent cloud fabric of hardware and software that allows you to effortlessly deploy your own cloud independent of any public or private cloud provider. HyperCloud enables low-touch cloud operations and provides the highest level of resiliency without requiring hyperscale or the need for highly skilled operators to keep it running. And it frees you to build the hybrid and/or multicloud strategy that meets your objectives, with the kind of reliability, availability, elasticity, and serviceability previously reserved for hyperscale cloud builders. We realise these are some big claims, so let’s revisit the state of today’s common “cloudscapes” and dig into how HyperCloud stands apart.

Download the white paper here