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Craig Chadwell in conversation with TFIR, explaining why our task-specific approach to software-defined storage solutions delivers a better experience for customers.

Read the full summary at, but here’s an excerpt:

“We have a particularly distinctive advantage because we build appliances that are tasks specific. It allows us to build the power, heat, and space profiles in a way that’s optimized for that particular task. Those optimizations happen to align really well with putting them into places where traditional data centers won’t fit,” said Chadwell.

SoftIron also has a clear edge over its competitors who offer software-only solutions based on open source. “Users get a very disconnected experience. What they really want is to buy and consume open source in the same “single throat to choke” appliance model that they get from a closed source, proprietary vendor’s product,” added Chadwell, “Softiron is converging those two experiences – hardware and open-source software – to make the entire use of the product over its lifecycle as seamless and simple to use as possible.”