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Have you heard about the Asian firmware hack that may have compromised just about any computing device produced over the last five years in the United States?

Perhaps you heard about it and simply forgot about it because the story either seems as unbelievable as a computer catching the bird flu, or the reality of it is too grim to accept. Most high-tech OEMs and service providers are powered on hardware and software that
could be compromised at its root level by a tiny chip intentionally implanted by state operatives, or an accidental inclusion of malware from a downloaded bit of code. Like a cereal company whose product is full of cancer-causing pesticides, the world’s largest institutions don’t want you to focus on how widespread security exploits are in the complete end-to-end supply chain for all of the high-tech products involved in their operations, because it’s bad for business.

This paper will educate you on the reasons why transparency into the origins of our hardware and software is important for assuring the integrity of critical systems and data, and how your enterprise can address this challenge by passing the test of secure provenance.

Download the Intellyx Whitepaper here to learn more about Secure Provenance at SoftIron.