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The data center industry is responsible for approx 1-3% of the total electricity consumed around the world, with no sign of abating. And, while the amount of power per processing unit has been reducing, in reality, the real, actual amount of power has been increasing in line with total processing demands.

External and internal pressures for transparency in sustainability practices are increasing, forcing organizations to declare their intentions and demonstrate the practical steps they are taking to make change. The data center is a natural place for organizations to start, and making fundamental, positive change is more achievable than ever before.

The way that IT infrastructure is changing at the moment is more of it is going to be built in smaller, more distributed “edge” locations – locations that still pose very practical constraints when it comes to space, accessibility, power and cooling.

SoftIron’s unique, task-specific data center infrastructure solutions can help by drawing up to 80% less power than comparable alternatives. In fact, for every 10PB of storage run on HyperDrive vs. comparable alternatives, an estimated 6,656 tonnes of CO₂ are saved by reduced energy consumption alone over its lifespan. That’s the equivalent of taking nearly 1,500 cars off the road for a year.

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