If you want to accelerate your research, you want to know about iRODS


When working with research data, curation has historically been fraught with time-consuming challenges, from managing outdated bespoke software solutions that struggle to scale, to auditing vast collections of data used for collaboration with other researchers, many with inconsistent metadata and conflicting retention policies. This has only become more of a challenge in recent decades, with researchers being able to collect large volumes of unstructured data (such as instrument readings) putting further strain on aging solutions. Enter iRODS.

iRODS (Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is cutting-edge open source data management software that supports collaborative research, and more broadly the management, sharing, publication, and long-term preservation (or curation) of data that can be distributed geographically and institutionally. Using iRODS, researchers can access valuable tools for data discovery, workflow automation, data virtualization, and secure collaboration.Its unique capabilities allow scaling to collections containing petabytes of data and hundreds of millions of files.

As part of our commitment to supporting the development of free open source software for cloud computing and data storage, SoftIron joined the iRODS Consortium in 2020.Our Product Engineering lead, Danny Abukalam, will also open day two of the meeting with a deep dive into getting the most from iRODS and Ceph combined.

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As the leader in open source software-defined storage (SDS), Ceph is a natural choice for iRODS. Ceph’s extreme portability and flexibility enables it to be completely customised to support iRODS in a highly scalable and cost-effective manner.

In his talk, Danny will provide a brief overview of Ceph, how it compares to other SDS solutions, new features and developments in recent releases, and different approaches for deployment. This will be a succinct introduction to Ceph for anyone considering their options when it comes to open source options for working with iRODS.

Danny will be presenting on June 9th, 2021, at 9:30am (UTC -04:00).

If you’re considering deploying Ceph with iRODS or want help with your current deployment, why not contact us now to see how we can help on info@softiron.com