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As building more sustainable and energy-efficient data infrastructure becomes a top priority for leaders, there must also be greater emphasis on measuring success. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio is commonly utilised to measure energy efficiency in data centres, but by today’s standards it comes up a little short – particularly as it doesn’t facilitate visibility into total reduction of absolute amounts of power consumption, or accommodate the challenge of hybrid or public cloud architectures.

So what is the best way to define, apply and measure sustainability in your organisation?

Join Andrew Moloney, CMO & Sustainability Lead at SoftIron, and guest speaker Mark Butcher, Founder of Posetiv Cloud, as they share insights and best practices on how to rethink – and redefine – sustainability and energy-efficiency in your data infrastructure.

Register for free today and learn:

  • What factors are driving the increased focus on sustainability
  • Why new infrastructure models like hybrid-cloud need new efficiency metrics
  • Measuring carbon emissions of power usage matters, but what’s missing?
  • Practical examples and case studies of embedding sustainability in your IT operating model
  • How to define & apply more effective sustainability metrics
  • How to measure your success

Register for the webinar here.