London, UK – (October 26, 2021) – SoftIron Ltd., the leader in purpose-built and performance-optimized data center solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Storage Magazine to receive an award in its 18th annual Storage Awards for 2021. Dubbed ‘The Stories,” the awards were presented at a Gala event at the Tower Bridge Leonardo in London on the evening of October 7th, where SoftIron was awarded as a winner of the “One to Watch” category for storage vendors. SoftIron’s flagship HyperDrive® software-defined enterprise storage portfolio is custom-designed to maximize the performance and utility of open source Ceph, giving large enterprises and SMEs open source-based storage appliances in which to build Edge and scale-out IT infrastructures.

“Congratulations to SoftIron, who has been chosen as the ‘One to Watch’ for 2021, an award which celebrates innovative challengers in the storage arena who are making an impact with innovative new ideas,” said David Tyler, Editor of Storage Magazine. “The Storage Awards winners are selected by a nomination and voting process that is driven by our readers. SoftIron is challenging storage orthodoxy with a fresh approach to storage performance innovation using open source combined with design optimization at the hardware level. They’re capturing the attention of our readers, making SoftIron ‘One to Watch.’”

“SoftIron is building storage infrastructure solutions that reflect the dramatic shifts we have seen for enterprises in the evolution of data infrastructure – providing them with a level of performance and control that hasn’t existed prior to now,” said Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron. “We’ve built our HyperDrive storage appliances to be the ultimate productization of Ceph, giving our customers an open-source, unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability. While the rest of the industry is working to pave over bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their software-defined storage platforms by tweaking their code and throwing more processing power at problems, SoftIron has taken a fundamentally different approach that starts by examining the source code, and engineering around the needs of that code. Our ideas are catching on as more and more organizations grapple with the limitations of proprietary-based storage systems in a scale-out world. We’re thankful to Storage Magazine and its readers for choosing SoftIron as the ‘One to Watch’ for 2021.”

SoftIron creates the world’s best appliances for highly efficient, scale-out data center solutions, delivering industry-leading performance on all critical metrics including density, efficiency, capacity, speed, and heat emission. Performance breakthroughs are enabled through task-specific specialization; optimizing the performance of its operating software at a granular level and thus creating the ultimate productization of open source Ceph. Uniquely, SoftIron controls the entire design and build process, producing all their products within their own manufacturing facilities. As a result, SoftIron offers ‘Secure Provenance’ which is the auditable provenance on all of its data center appliances. This ensures that units are “clear-box” solutions, free of hidden componentry that is often at the root of common supply chain attacks.

The SoftIron HyperDrive family of products are available for POC and purchase. SoftIron offers both traditional purchasing (CAPEX) and as-a-Service (OPEX) options. For more information, visit SoftIron’s HyperDrive Storage page

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