For perspective, Facebook was effectively working with 500 terabytes of data a day back in 2012. This is a perfect example of the technology gap between the Department of Defense (DoD) and top-performing commercial organizations. Bridging that gap needn’t be an impossible goal. With the right partner and new technology that’s custom-designed to address the federal government’s complex requirements, achieving cutting-edge, enterprise-level performance is well within reach. SoftIron’s HyperDrive is a proven solution for meeting the complex federal government data storage requirements. In this paper, we delve into the many facets of SoftIron’s unique systems approach to developing hardware and software and demonstrate how they stand leagues apart in a crowded market of storage choice.

High density, low power Software-Defined Storage Solution – Made in the USA Presented by Spectral Sky on behalf of SoftIron. Download the white paper here.