As part of our participation in IBC Show 2020, we’ve taken a closer look at the emerging trends impacting the data storage strategies within the Media & Entertainment industry, and share our insights on how we believe organizations can, and should, respond.

In our latest white paper, we:

  • Highlight the key trends impacting the M&E industry, from the explosion of video-on-demand, to the impact of 4 and 8k resolution on file sizes and the monetization of archived media
  • Examine the impact of these trends on your data storage strategy, addressing 6 key parameters
  • Provide a framework for evaluating these parameters in your own context, and explain how to weigh them in your decision making
  • Offer a strategy recommendation based on our own experience in the world of software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Recommend the leading open-source, SDS platform available, and explain its major benefits

In the words of Bob Iger, Disney CEO (2005 – 2020):

“When you innovate, everything needs to change, not just the way you make or deliver a product. Many of the practices and structures within the company need to adapt, too.”


Learn how to quickly capitalize on emerging market trends by selecting and implementing the right storage architecture for your organization with our white paper: “Transforming Data Storage in the Media & Entertainment Industry For a Post Pandemic World”.