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CIOs can now accelerate their digital transformation strategy

Most large organisations want to deliver private cloud as part of their IT strategy. The problem is that building and running private cloud infrastructure is incredibly complex. IT departments are faced with the challenge of managing all the components needed to build the right cloud for their organisation’s needs, not to mention dealing with multiple vendors and technologies.

Coupled with a worldwide shortage of IT skills and qualified professionals, IT teams end up buried in maintenance tasks instead of adding more value by helping lines of business with their digital transformation.


What if you could effortlessly deploy your own cloud, independent of any public, or private cloud provider?

HyperCloud enables the cloud experience without the pain of maintaining the pieces underneath.

It removes the complexity of hybrid cloud infrastructure by delivering a turnkey solution that provides multi-tenant cloud service consumption. It eliminates the need for multiple, siloed hardware and software layers, and can be deployed with a fraction of the time and skills needed today.

HyperCloud delivers low touch, automated and resilient operations – in the core and at the edge.

CIOs can now accelerate their digital transformation strategy and empower their stakeholders and customers to consume IT services faster, more securely, and more efficiently.

Faster time to value

While most hybrid, or multi-cloud solutions can take months, Hypercloud can be deployed in a matter of hours, and in half a rack. HyperCloud is composed of building blocks that enable you to start small and scale infinitely as demand dictates.

Its flexibly engineered hardware and software works straight out of the box with distinct compute, networking, and storage resources that can be scaled independently, and almost limitlessly. It’s as simple as connecting and powering up another node to the fabric. No manual configuration required.

HyperCloud Key Features & Benefits

All this is built with Softlron’s innovative technology strategy, woven together with automated provisioning and management. With no public cloud vendor reliance and no public network connectivity required, this low power, energy efficient solution is infinitely scalable, and features:

  • A fully integrated and embedded hybrid cloud control plane which reduces the management footprint
  • Fully automated life cycle management, enabling hands-free non-disruptive upgrades, making it easier to keep your environment protected
  • Multi-site federation for managing applications across multiple clouds
  • Secure multi-tenancy features such as quotas, a customisable service catalogue, metered service, and role-based access, giving users a “cloud like” experience
  • Virtualised, containerised, bare metal workloads within the same infrastructure, enabling more efficient resource usage

Why SoftIron

Designed, Not Assembled

From day one, our unique, “task specific” approach to design and manufacturing has enabled us to deliver our vision of a true, turnkey cloud experience for the enterprise. Based on our innovative technology strategy, HyperCloud’s intelligent cloud fabric was designed – not assembled – from the ground up to radically simplify cloud infrastructure, delivery and consumption. This allows you to confidently build the right size and shape cloud for your business without introducing the complexity of multiple, superfluous firmware, operating systems, or hardware components.

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Globally Distributed, Locally Embedded

In an age of ongoing global disruption, SoftIron is the partner you can rely on to help navigate the uncertainty to build a truly resilient organisation. We have the freedom to build out our teams in any location, in any function. We embed these teams in the economies within which we operate for the mutual benefit of us, our customers and the broader community that we serve. This also enables us to deliver comprehensive, cost effective support for our customers all over the world.

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Fully Auditable Secure Provenance

Where other manufacturers opt to cut costs by outsourcing manufacture to third parties (and therefore passing on the supply chain risks to their customers) SoftIron takes the opposite approach.

SoftIron has in-house, full control over the design and manufacture of our products. Because of this, we can readily enable infrastructure integrity audits and system verification at a granular level by third parties.

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Edge Manufacturing

We’re optimising our manufacturing capability to act globally, yet deliver locally with capacity to build our products in key locations around the world. By prioritising the quality of every build, and having full control and oversight of the process, our platform can offer secure provenance capabilities to our customers. Our leading ‘digital twin’ approach means each of our facilities mirrors the other, enabling analysis, planning and optimisation to take place at a global level, while still delivering locally manufactured products capitalising on local skills and a local supply chain.

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