Let’s be blunt: Storage vendors can be far from easy to work with. You can go to a high-end storage vendor and spend lots of money on a proprietary solution that isn’t interoperable, or you can build your own solution using a software-defined storage (SDS) platform and commodity hardware, which is much less expensive but more error-prone and tougher to support.

At SoftIron, we love our customers. We offer a zero-risk approach to storage, which means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’re out to fix storage by turning the market upside down.

We believe in giving you a fair deal through transparent, upfront pricing.

There’s no vendor lock-in, because our storage platform interoperates with any other Ceph-based solution in your data center.

HyperDrive is completely designed, built, and supported by us which means the purpose-built hardware and software are optimized for one thing: storage.

And the technology? You’ll get an enterprise-grade distributed storage platform that runs at wire speed in a 1U form factor.

Get a better ROI

We’re transforming storage from an expensive capital expenditure into an affordable and predictable operating expense that’s easy to justify. You’re never locked in to a contract, so buy only what you truly need for your data center − all for a very affordable price.


Monthly payments

Realize scalable storage at wirespeed

Every HyperDrive ships with optimized storage server hardware, designed by us, and pre-installed with Ceph, a leading open source, distributed, scale-out platform. The modular hardware is specifically optimized for storage-specific functions such as monitoring drives, controlling power and temperature, and providing quick responses through remote support, if required. It also inter-operates easily with any other solutions running Ceph in your data center.


More storage/unit than other vendors

Icon to represent No commitment, pay-as-you go

No commitment, pay-as-you go

Say goodbye to expensive contracts and steep upfront capital outlays. With HyperDrive, you get scale-out software-defined storage for a low monthly payment of less than 1 cent per GB per month.
Icon to represent Freedom from Software Vendor Lock-in

Freedom from Software Vendor Lock-in

Traditional storage vendors’ lock-in and lack of interoperability means a raw deal for you. HyperDrive is truly open so you can finally build a data center that meets your needs, not the vendor’s.
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Complete One-Vendor Solution

SDS on commodity hardware is great until you have to deal with multiple vendors to support your software and hardware. We design, build, and support HyperDrive, so you’re covered end-to-end.

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Try a pre-configured HyperDrive cluster for 90 days - risk free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ceph, and why are you using it for your storage platform?

    Ceph is a leading open-source distributed scale-out software platform. Many experts in the industry expect Ceph to win the battle (much like Linux did) for open-source software defined storage, because of its feature-rich and extremely flexible platform. Ceph, as a distributed, scale-out storage service, caters best to high bandwidth, medium latency types of applications such as content delivery, archive storage, or block storage for virtualization.

  • Is HyperDrive truly interoperable with anything else in my data center?

    Yes, HyperDrive works with any other device that runs Ceph.

  • Can HyperDrive really run at wire speed?

    Absolutely. Storage is an I/O problem, not a compute one. We tune for wire speed on every product. If the product has a 10Gbps port, the throughput performance will be just that less packet overhead. In independent customer tests, HyperDrive delivered wire speed throughput for each node, and the performance scaled up linearly with each additional node.

  • How exactly is HyperDrive optimized for storage?

    We designed HyperDrive from the ground up to be specifically optimized for storage. This is a big difference when compared to the typical commodity hardware that you might run with another SDS solution.

    HyperDrive has these storage-specific features:
    - Hard drives are housed in caddies to make replacement easy and to ensure better cooling.
    - There are NO cables inside the box. Cables are susceptible to an increase in bit error rate which could compromise reliability and performance. The result is that you get perfect data transmission.
    Everything is tuned for I/O. We right-size the processor and all connectivity, and we make sure the drives are kept cool with precision air flow.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about HyperDrive?

    Just email us at info@softiron.com or call us.