SoftIron’s hybrid Ceph appliance, combining HDD and SSD into one high-performance, internally tiered storage node. Purpose built for scale-out enterprise storage.

SoftIron’s HyperDrive Density+ harnesses our unique, multiprocessor technology to seamlessly combine performance and internal flash tiering into a single, 1U Ceph appliance. The result is the ideal solution for those looking to balance performance and price point.

In the past, users looking to solve the conflicting needs for high-performance and cost-efficiencies would have been limited to complicated Ceph cluster arrangements. Now, HyperDrive Density+ effortlessly solves the problem by providing the performance of an all-flash tier with the added benefit of an efficient HDD tier. Ceph is widely considered to be the leading

open-source software that underpins enterprise level software-defined storage (SDS) solutions because it’s designed to provide highly scalable object, block and file-based storage under a unified system.

It takes more than generic hardware to get outstanding performance for storage, and because HyperDrive Density+ is custom built for Ceph, all components integrate with, and exploit Ceph’s outstanding functionality. The result is a scale-out storage solution that runs at wire-speed, yet at less than 100W per 1U appliance.

With HyperDrive Density+ you can easily and confidently:

  • Deploy your Ceph storage cluster on custom-designed hardware that’s purpose-built and optimized for storage
  • Seamlessly integrate HyperDrive into your existing Ceph environment
  • Simplify and centralize the management of your storage hardware and Ceph software
  • Run your data center at true wire-speed
  • Futureproof your data center with an infinitely scalable SDS solution, free from vendor lock-in
  • Manage your budget with a flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Optimize your rack and reduce cooling costs with low power, 1U form factor appliances that use less than 100 watts under full load
  • Take advantage of our end-to-end, one vendor support for assistance with software and hardware

HyperDrive Density+ is available as part of a SoftIron HyperDrive cluster

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Custom-designed, dedicated Ceph appliances. Purpose-built for scale-out enterprise storage.

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