HyperDrive Storage

If you’re using Ceph already, HyperDrive will plug-in and perform instantly. Every HyperDrive is preloaded with Ceph, and every cluster has our game-changing Storage Manager and wire speed Router. Our Storage Management platform will even lift the performance standards of your entire Ceph system, whether HyperDrive or others. We believe in the principles behind open source software and made HyperDrive totally interoperable.

We asked Ceph what it wanted

We made HyperDrive exclusively for Ceph, focusing on high performance with seamless interoperability. All design and build choices integrate with, and exploit Ceph’s outstanding functionality. If you like Ceph, you’ll love what HyperDrive does for it.

Scale-up on demand

HyperDrive easily handles object, block, and file: a flexibility that separates it from other SDS choices. The inherent scalability aligns well with a horizontal approach, so you can stage your data center expansion adding HyperDrive clusters as demand dictates.

Management made intuitive

SoftIron designed and built the HyperDrive Storage Manager to make running Ceph even easier. Additionally, it provides a whole-of-center overview for total optimization.

Learn more about Storage Manager

SoftIron’s Storage Manager gives new levels of control with an easy, intuitive dashboard.

The interoperability secret weapon

Ceph is the software, HyperDrive is the tool. Our wire speed HyperDrive Storage Router lets you consolidate user shares, virtualization and any other storage technologies onto one scalable, high-performance platform. Enterprise-wide integration has never been easier.

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Vendor restrictions are dead

Don’t sign that contract! Unlike proprietary formats, HyperDrive lets you integrate with a myriad of other storage software solutions. You get to decide what works best for you. So, if someone asks you to sign up for a “vendor lock-in” arrangement, you can politely explain that the world has moved on. Long live HyperDrive.

90-day risk-free trial

Try a HyperDrive cluster with our unifying Storage Manager, commitment free. You’ll get an appropriately configured cluster, for your own site-specific evaluation. If it doesn’t stay, you don’t pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ceph, and why are you using it for your storage platform?
    Ceph is a leading open-source distributed scale-out software platform. Many experts in the industry expect Ceph to win the battle (much like Linux did) for open-source software defined storage, because of its feature-rich and extremely flexible platform. Ceph, as a distributed, scale-out storage service, caters best to high bandwidth, medium latency types of applications such as content delivery, archive storage, or block storage for virtualization.
  • Is HyperDrive truly interoperable with anything else in my data center?
    Yes, HyperDrive works with any other device that runs Ceph.
  • Can HyperDrive really run at wire speed?
    Absolutely. Storage is an I/O problem, not a compute one. We tune for wire speed on every product. If the product has a 10Gbps port, the throughput performance will be just that less packet overhead. In independent customer tests, HyperDrive delivered wire speed throughput for each node, and the performance scaled up linearly with each additional node.
  • How exactly is HyperDrive optimized for storage?
    We designed HyperDrive from the ground up to be specifically optimized for storage. This is a big difference when compared to the typical commodity hardware that you might run with another SDS solution. HyperDrive has these storage-specific features: - Hard drives are housed in caddies to make replacement easy and to ensure better cooling. - There are NO cables inside the box. Cables are susceptible to an increase in bit error rate which could compromise reliability and performance. The result is that you get perfect data transmission. Everything is tuned for I/O. We right-size the processor and all connectivity, and we make sure the drives are kept cool with precision air flow.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about HyperDrive?
    Just email us at info@softiron.com or call us.