Let’s get right to it: we never started with a computer. We started with media, because for storage, the most important thing is getting data in and out of the media.

And, we use a 64-bit ARM processor rather than a traditional x86 chip because it’s a way better fit for storage; it properly balances compute performance and energy efficiency. The end result is faster, cooler, more reliable and uses less power. And we all know that less power means a less expensive data centre.



HyperDrive uses less than 100W of power under full load


That’s less than 20% of industry standard appliances.

HyperDrive runs at less than 100W per 1U appliance. That’s 56Tb of all-flash SSD media, or 120Tb of traditional spinning media.

Now this is where it starts to get really interesting: think about the current power constraints on your existing rack, there’s only so many kW you can play with. Up until now, this means you’re limited as to how many appliances you can fit into each rack. Essentially, you’ve been paying for a lot of hot air. Pun intended.

With HyperDrive, you can optimise your rack with up to 40 slots in a rack so you’re not paying for vacant space anymore.