Dare we say it, we’re game-changers when it comes to enterprise storage solutions and at SoftIron, we know that Software Defined Storage is the new normal.

As a concept – policy-based data storage provisioning and management that is independent of underlying hardware – the SDS revolution is driven not only by enterprises’ eternal need to reduce costs, but also by the desire to enable emerging capabilities like distributed scale-out storage and automatic redundancy and replication for data protection. SDS is here to stay.

With SDS, you can run a multi-featured, highly configurable, and less-expensive storage platform on equally less-expensive hardware, compared to traditional solutions. It’s at the point where you can aggregate horizontally with many, many components — and the more components, the more improvement. It is faster. It is more resilient.

As you grow horizontally, you provide abstractions away from the hardware and the aggregation, and you achieve all the features and the performance that you could get from any traditional solution – which is likely to be outrageously exorbitant and monolithic compared to the accessible and flexible “new normal” presented by SDS.

And so, rather than adding to the cacophony, we’re here to lead the way and change how the world thinks about enterprise storage, for good. Our number one goal is to unlock genuine value for organisations by being relentless champions of change and challenging outdated, limiting assumptions. With hands on our heart we’re committed to innovation across all aspects of our business and by so doing, we’re creating undeniably superior, custom-built appliances of the highest quality at affordable and transparent prices.