HyperDrive Storage

SoftIron’s HyperDrive Storage Manager is the first of its kind: a powerful, unified and intuitive system designed to radically simplify the management of your Ceph software and storage hardware.

While Ceph is undoubtedly the leading open-source, software-defined storage software on the market, it has traditionally challenged organizations due to its’ complexity. SoftIron built Storage Manager to address this challenge, as well as to deliver a system through which hardware and Ceph configuration could also be managed.

The end result is a simple, feature-rich management tool that reduces the overhead of Ceph software and storage hardware management.

All this is delivered via a sleek and intuitive online interface which is ideal for storage administrators or help desk personnel who are responsible for managing storage configuration or shares.

With SoftIron’s Storage Manager you can easily and confidently:

  • Simplify and centralize the management of HyperDrive and Ceph
  • Update, monitor, maintain HyperDrive nodes
  • Manage file shares SMB (CIFS) and NFS, object stores (S3), and block devices (iSCSI and RBD – RADOS block devices)
  • Remove the complexity of maintaining several hardware and software solutions
  • Gain visibility into Ceph storage health, current utilization and unified storage usage analysis

Storage Manager is available as part of a SoftIron HyperDrive cluster

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HyperDrive Storage

Custom-designed, dedicated Ceph appliances. Purpose-built for scale-out enterprise storage.

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Storage Manager

A first of its kind, unified online management tool for Ceph.

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Storage Router

An intelligent services gateway for storage, unlocking Ceph for the enterprise.

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