HyperDrive Storage

SoftIron’s HyperDrive Storage Router is a highly intelligent services gateway that enables enterprise-wide adoption of Ceph by consolidating user shares, virtualization and any other storage technologies onto one scalable, high-performance platform.

While Ceph is undoubtedly the leading open-source, software-defined storage software on the market, it has traditionally challenged organizations due to its’ inability to support other files shares and protocols. SoftIron built Storage Router to remove this obstacle and allow everyone to leverage the power of Ceph, no matter who the end user is.

The result is a highly intelligent platform that not only enables enterprise-wide adoption of Ceph, but it can also accommodate different services modules over time as features or requirements grow. Coupled with HyperDrive Storage Manager, SoftIron’s unified management tool for Ceph, the complexities of storage management are radically simplified like never before.

With SoftIron’s Storage Router you can easily and confidently:

  • Use Ceph as your unified enterprise storage solution
  • Consolidate user shares, virtualization, and other storage needs into one scalable and high performance platform
  • Add support for Vmware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV by extending Ceph with the addition of iSCSI for block storage and NFS for Virtual Machine file storage
  • Add support for desktop clients and users by extending Ceph with the addition of support for Windows (SMB/CIFS) and Linux (NFS) file shares

Product image for HyperDrive Storage

HyperDrive Storage

Custom-designed, dedicated Ceph appliances. Purpose-built for scale-out enterprise storage.

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Storage Manager

A first of its kind, unified online management tool for Ceph.

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Storage Router

An intelligent services gateway for storage, unlocking Ceph for the enterprise.

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