We get it. Enterprise storage can be a headache for lots of reasons and almost everyone we talk to is hyper aware of the risks – it can be debilitating for organisations too nervous to take the next step – and that’s a big problem. Imagine a world where storage is the least of your concerns so you can keep doing what you do best…

That world exists, SoftIron created it. We call it Zero Risk.

We’ve transformed storage and eliminated the risk at every touchpoint along the journey.

No commitment, pay-as-you-go
We offer HyperDrive with a pay-as-you-go, ‘no commitment’ subscription model. No upfront payment, pay only for what you need, cancel any time. This means no complex CAPEX investments as your storage essentially becomes an operating cost.

Complete one-vendor solution
Got a problem? We’ll fix it. Because we’ve built the whole stack end to end, you’re no longer stuck in the middle of your hardware and software vendors when things get challenging. It’s true: a single point of contact.

Freedom from vendor lock-in
Because we build with Ceph, you have a solution that supports interoperability with any other device in your data center. Build the data centre of your dreams with no more restrictive proprietary systems that don’t integrate with your existing infrastructure. The result? No vendor lock-in.

Test Drive
And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll even let you try before you buy! Take HyperDrive for a Zero Risk Test Drive when you get to try it in your data center for 90 days. Find out more here.