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SoftIron offers world-class support services for Ceph, providing organisations with robust and flexible service offerings tailored to their needs

Ceph is one of the most powerful, scalable, flexible software-defined storage architectures available. But with great power comes complexity. SoftIron is the only company in the world that has optimised their entire storage business around Ceph. No one is better placed to provide professional support and services to the Ceph user community. Whether you DIY or have an existing Ceph support contract elsewhere, we have a support solution that can help.

HyperSafe Ceph Support At a Glance

  • No forced software upgrades
  • 24-hour support coverage
  • 4-hour response, no matter what
  • Chat or phone based support
  • No additional costs, no licences
  • SoftIron Technical Account Manager
  • Unlimited service requests
  • Periodic health/quality checks
  • Assisted/managed patches/updates
  • Flexible solutions at competitive prices

Enquire about a Ceph Support Solution for your environment today. Contact us here.

Four Support Options

As part of our commitment to meeting customers where they are, we offer several paths to get to support.

Option 1: SoftIron Ceph Support Takeover
In the first option, you simply let us take over supporting your existing Ceph environment. You are not required to change anything about your hardware or software, and you get immediate access to SoftIron support systems and technical contacts. We can also provide pro-rated terms to co-terminate with an existing contract if needed.

Option 2: Transition to SoftIron Linux
The second option involves migrating from your current OS and Ceph distribution to SofIron Linux and Ceph. SoftIron Linux is the only distribution in the world designed specifically to run Ceph, and we have seen performance benefits just from making that change. We would work with you to plan a non-disruptive migration from your current distro to ours. And we can offer additional incentives to make this change within the first year of service.

Whether you choose options 1 or 2, you can grow your Ceph cluster using SoftIron Linux into the future.
We guarantee interoperability between our Ceph and any other community-based version. That’s one of the great advantages of using an open source storage infrastructure.

Option 3: SoftIron HyperDrive Migration
The third option is to migrate your current hardware infrastructure to HyperDrive – our task-specific range of Ceph appliances. In this case, we assist with the non-disruptive migration from your current hardware and software to our platform. You can take advantage of the power savings, industry redefining performance, and ease of operations that comes with task specific design as well as the ecosystem of software and solution designs we’ve created to make Ceph easier to deploy and operate.

Option 4: Emergency Assistance
In option four, we provide as-needed emergency support for organizations requiring experienced and capable Ceph engineers on-demand.

HyperSafe Ceph Support Service Tiers

HyperSafe is available either at a Standard or Premium tier.

Standard Ceph Support

Our standard support offering is entitled by the raw TB per year. There is no additional charge for monitor, management, metadata, or protocol services nodes. The subscription includes

  • 11 hours a day, 5 days a week support availability with 4 hour response time
  • Support of SUSE, Red Hat, or community Ceph
  • Assisted OS and software migration planning and execution to SILinux and Ceph
  • SILinux patches, bug fixes, updates, and upgrades
  • Access to our phone and web-based support systems
  • Unlimited incidents per year
  • Managed updates, planned and executed jointly with SoftIron
  • Up to 2 health checks per year
  • Unlimited authorised support points of contact

Premium Ceph Support

Our premium service is entitled per TB per year. In addition to the features in our standard level of support, it also includes:

  • 24×7 support availability with 4 hour response time
  • Assisted 3rd party SW/OS patches, bug fixes, updates, and upgrades
  • Up to 4 health checks per year
  • Instant access to your named support engineer who will also provide regular service reviews
  • 16 hours of on-site support, contingent on travel restrictions

Converting to HyperDrive?

By converting to SoftIron HyperDrive with Standard Ceph Support, you get some additional advantages including

  • Access to the HyperDrive knowledge base
  • Hardware migration services – SoftIron engineers will help you plan and execute adding new HyperDrive nodes to your Ceph cluster and decommissioning your current hardware
  • Non-disruptive conversion to HyperDrive

And with HyperDrive with premium support, you receive

  • Hardware buyout – we will offset the cost of the conversion with the remaining value of your existing hardware
  • No-cost coverage during the conversion period – meaning you don’t need to renew with your current support provider and can have a lapse in coverage and still receive support
  • HyperSafe Shadow Node, a unique feature of our HyperDrive platform which allows us to remotely awaken and provision a cold spare in the event of of node failure

HyperSafe Ceph Support Pricing

HyperSafe Ceph Support is priced as follows, and can be provided as an annual service, or with multi-year plans.

Standard Premium
HyperSafe Ceph Support Subscription Price per TB per year
Discounts for multi-year subscriptions
Additional discount for 100% SoftIron conversion in year 1
Price per TB, per year

Add-on services for appliance subscription are also available on request as follows:

  • Installation/deployment
  • Worn disk replacement
  • Periodic hardware refresh
  • Pre-negotiated hourly rate (emergency support)

For more detailed pricing, or to better understand which option is best for you, contact us here.