Since storage is a mission-critical task for enterprises, we used a “customer first” approach and completely optimized our appliance for storage. We design and assemble every component ourselves – from the screws to the caddy case – so it’s entirely integrated. This means you get 100% data integrity at wire speed and a level of control that you can’t get from any other manufacturer such as manipulating fan speeds, turning hard drives on/off, and monitoring vibration levels.

Optimized for Storage

It’s one of those dirty secrets in the storage industry: the majority of storage devices are really built for compute, not storage. We design and build every component ourselves so it’s all completely optimized for one purpose only: storage.

Software First, then Hardware

Most storage manufacturers build their appliances around a motherboard, a processor, and then add software. We think that’s backwards, so we started with the software first and then engineered all the hardware components to work with it. We use Ceph, the best open source storage platform, and designed all our components to integrate with and exploit Ceph’s outstanding functionality.

Outstanding Data Integrity

Data reliability is essential for enterprise storage. Since cables are a common cause of poor data quality, we completely eliminated them inside our appliance – a first in the industry. Air flow is also optimized to eliminate resonance and vibration which can impact data reliability.

1U Form Factor

No more lifting heavy appliances or buying additional racks to accommodate bloated storage devices. Our storage device is built around a caddy system that’s housed in a sleek 1U form factor. With that kind of space savings, you’ll gain more floor and rack space, reduce power consumption, and save your back.

Designed and built in California

We proudly assemble our storage devices at our California facility for end-to-end control and short production cycles.