SoftIron BMC Render

Uncommon Level of Control

With the SoftIron BMC, you can control every hardware element that’s on the motherboard such as manipulating fans, changing serial numbers, turning on/off hard drives, and more. Manipulate it in whatever way you need to satisfy your requirements.

Exceptional Telemetry Data

Our BMC has complete connectivity which goes far beyond the normal IPMI functionality. That means you can access very granular data about power and heat, airflow, hard drives, and more.

Open Environment Support

The SoftIron BMC supports an open environment so you can write code to automate tasks such as pinging a host hourly, provisioning and upgrading the appliance, or turning off individual hard drives.

Designed and built in California

We proudly assemble our storage devices at our California facility for end-to-end control and short production cycles.