We don’t cobble together different vendors’ off-the-shelf components to build our storage solutions. Instead we’ve deliberately chosen a radically different approach: engineering, building, and assembling our storage appliances at our California production facility.

Why? Because using generic third-party hardware or software, like other storage vendors do, only results in a generic product. We believe storage is mission-critical enterprise function, so it requires a completely new level of integration, engineering, design, and manufacturing.

Meticulous detail at every step of the process

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    End-to-End Control

    Since we’ve designed and engineered every aspect of our solutions’ electronic, mechanical, and software systems from scratch, the level of integration and control we have is unprecedented. Every component, whether it’s a screw or a silicon chip, is carefully considered for the value it brings to our platform and how it will impact other components.

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    Pride of Craftsmanship

    We take the assembly process of every storage appliance very seriously. When you place an order, your designated assembler will ensure your appliance is built to your specifications and manage its assembly from beginning to end. They’ll even sign your order when it’s complete to add their personal stamp of approval.

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    Short Production and Innovation Cycle

    There are two reasons why our production and innovation cycles are much shorter than you’d expect from a storage vendor: first, we build and assemble our own components, and second, we’ve designed our manufacturing processes to be repeatable and reliable. This also means we’re not dependent on a long supply chain like other storage vendors. Need a specific storage solution quickly? We can build it to order without waiting on overseas parts to arrive.