Enterprise storage is mission critical, so a generic storage solution just won’t cut it. Yet that’s what most storage manufacturers offer you – a generic jumble of components from different manufacturers.

When we designed our storage appliance, we started with Ceph, the best software platform for storage, and custom designed the hardware to support it. The result is a solution that’s optimized – from the ground up – for storage.

Enterprise-Ready Ceph

Ceph is well-recognized as the best open source platform for storage. We customized Ceph to be enterprise-ready so you’ll be up and running quickly with minimal effort.

Lean and Purposeful Software

We developed our own software stack that’s completely optimized for storage including creating a Linux distribution that’s tightly integrated with our hardware. Other storage device manufacturers license the BIOS, UFI, and supporting software from different vendors. We chose to build those software components ourselves so we can control the hardware to a very granular level.

Granular Control

The tight integration between our software and hardware gives an uncommon level of control that’s unique in the industry including managing functions on the Board Management Controller (BMC). This includes turning on/off hard drives and transcoding chips, manipulating fan speeds, measuring power usage, diagnosing issues with components, and more.

Designed and built in California

We proudly assemble our storage devices at our California facility for end-to-end control and short production cycles.