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Our blueprint is radical. Taking full control over design and manufacture of platforms optimised to transform IT infrastructure, our highly integrated products reduce space and energy footprints while delivering extraordinary performance. Challenging traditional IT manufacturing and organisational strategy, we’ve developed a model that enables us to create a more resilient and connected business for the customers we serve. A commitment to openness, transparency, and simplicity helps address emerging multi-faceted threats while eliminating the vendor “lock-in” so common elsewhere.

SoftIron’s ambitious vision is underpinned by our four foundational pillars

Designed, not assembled

From day one, we set out to design and manufacture products from the ground up, not from generic sub-assemblies and/or pre-compiled code. Our solutions are purpose-built and optimised for the intended task, resulting in outstanding performance, control and reliability.

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Edge manufacturing

We build and optimise our manufacturing capabilities so that we can act globally when needed, but can manufacture and deliver complete products close to our customers. Wherever possible, shorten, make visible and more resilient both our and our customer’s supply chains.

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Globally distributed, locally embedded

We design our operations for the freedom to build out our teams in any location, in any function. By embedding these teams in the economies within which we operate, we strengthen our capacity for innovation, and we benefit our customers and the broader community that we serve.

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Secure Provenance

We make transparent for audit our product design, hardware, software and realisation process, enabling customers to assert their own risk on deploying our solutions in their mission-critical infrastructure.

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