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Goodbye lifecycle management, hello fleet management

Frankenclouds with their layers of siloed hardware and layer upon layer of loosely coupled software make lifecycle management a super skilled and precarious occupation. Get one firmware upgrade wrong, or miss the incompatibility it has with some other part of your infrastructure and you’re in a world of hurt. Just ask Microsoft, AWS, Oracle and Google. Even the most hyper of the hyperscalers can mess it up, big time.

But what if all of that inconsistency and unknown compatibility were wiped away? What if every part of lifecycle management was integrated and the outcomes pre-ordained. 

Well then you’d have HyperCloud’s unique Fleet Management.


Let’s Get Opinionated

We got really opinionated when we designed HyperCloud – and by being that way we unlock radical simplicity in living with your cloud. Every bit of what makes HyperCloud tick is designed by us to co-exist in perfect harmony – and key parts of the design are common across the entire fleet to make your life simpler;

  • Unique stateless design – placing nodes in the complete control of the fabric, enabling them to be upgraded, replaced, re-configured or removed centrally and uniformly
  • Same BMC, running the same custom  firmware deep in the nodes, giving consistent and granular control across them all
  • Same custom written operating system, totally optimised for HyperCloud within every node in the fabric
  • Common power supplies, NICs and more make even the practical challenges of spares handling radically simpler
  • Integrated, automated and resilient upgrade processes, the fabric automatically handling power cycling, software installs and authenticity checks, before returning nodes to the fabric – whether you have 20 nodes or 20,000 nodes. One click, the fleet responds.

The Fleet Protects Your Security and Sovereignty

When you remove the silos and layers within your cloud, and distill it down to one, fully integrated, highly opinionated fabric, all of a sudden something remarkable happens. 

First, your ability to audit and patch your cloud for security vulnerabilities becomes radically simpler. 

Second, if it’s all manufactured in the same place, and further underpinned by SoftIron’s unique Secure Provenance capability, the degree and depth of that audit becomes unrivalled compared to any cloud based on any other basket of technologies, on the planet. 

Fleet Management at this level is only possible when you design a single technology to deliver a single goal.

Get out of the engine room and up to the fleet control deck. You’ve been promoted.