Out of the box cloud, with out of the box pricing.

HyperCloud is delivered with full access to all its capabilities “out of the box,” with no additional licensing required to access any features, compute or storage capacity.

No more overprovisioning

HyperCloud’s insanely modular nature, and the simplicity with which new compute and storage resources are added means you’ll no longer be needlessly overprovisioning. Reduce your financial outlay and improve the overall efficiency of your infrastructure.

To infinity and beyond

HyperCloud uses task-specific building blocks of storage and compute, so you can scale your cloud asymmetrically and infinitely, growing your compute or storage resources independently. As each node is added it self assimilates into the cluster making its resources available to all.

A true turnkey solution

HyperCloud is supplied as a truly turnkey solution, with no additional components necessary to get a functionally complete private cloud, including all the automation and features required to deliver secure multi-tenancy.

No surprises

With no additional feature licenses or locks, no per-usage fees, and no egress charges, HyperCloud is purchased with support and maintenance services that cover all hardware and the entire software stack.

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