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We’re building a different kind of technology company, one that meets our customers and our own team on their turf, on their terms. We’re growing fast right now and you can be part of it, with all the opportunities to add value that come with that.

Curious? Great! That’s what we like in a Softie!

Choose the green pill

Thrive at SoftIron

About SoftIron

We’re building a globally distributed, locally embedded organisation that enables our Softies to be located in the place they live and work the best. Rather than plunder the global talent pool to relocate to Silicon Valley (though you can if you want) you can be where you do your best work and participate in our global community of Softies using platforms we’ve built or customised to make that possible.

As a venture backed company we’re growing and changing fast, and in some cases you could get the chance to build or influence that growth in ways not possible in more traditional businesses. We don’t just accept the “industry norm” and constantly challenge ourselves to do things better, often working at the leading edge of where IT infrastructure and open source are heading.

About Softies

Softies don’t stand on ceremony, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but at the same time we’re totally focused on building the best technology solutions and company that meets our customers on their turf on their terms. We collaborate across time zones and cultures every day, using that to our advantage in accelerating our work. We’re building a different kind of technology company where you’ll be closer to every aspect of the business, our customers and our partners. Like us, you’ll want to challenge the status quo, not for the hell of it, but because you have the chance to make a real difference.

Our Benefits

Go on. Have a peek. We think you’ll see something you like.


Stock Options

We think of it as ‘skin in the game’. You’re here because you believe in what we’re doing, and because we believe in you. So let’s make it official and when we make it big, we’ll all make it big together.

Generous Paid Vacation Time

Softies are spread all over the globe and however you refer to it – vacation, annual leave, holidays, ferien, dovolená – it is critical to your wellbeing. We all work hard and it’s not always easy, and we want you to know the time is there for you to down tools, rest and revive when you need to. Or just want to!

Home Office Comfort

Joining us from the comfort of your own home? Let us help get your workspace sorted. You’ll get a choice of laptop flavors and if your home office is home base there’s a budget towards operating costs and creating a space that helps you find your groove at work.

Annual all Team Conference

By and for Softies, once a year we have 3 days of reflection, inspiration, competitions, prizes and laughs. It’s time for us to celebrate what we’ve achieved and where we’re headed. Nothing stops this from happening, whether it’s in-person, virtual or something in between.

Healthcare and Retirement

We’ve got your back! To remain competitive for health and retirement options we offer localised benefits – ask us what’s on offer.

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